Along with the development of 
Blaad Studios,
we are much welcome new employees to join our fast- growing team. 
 Choose Us, Achieve Yourself!
we have appropriate position for you if you devote yourself in VFX career and have the ability of cooperation and responsibility. we’re always looking for VFX talent and happy to receive any applications from 
VFX field(2D, 3D or producers).
Before application, please prepare the following information and data

1. Please download the company resume and fill out basic information.Your resume and works can submit to the following link address directly, or send to the company e-mail of recruiting:

2. Work requirements: resolution: 720P (1080×720), length: less than 1 minute, code: MOV (h.264), please mark the software used in the part of the work for which the applicant is responsible on the screen, as well as the production content (Comp, Roto, model, lighting, etc.).

3. The subject of the email is “name_position_working years”
Works can be sent by bulk mail or by sending a link address.

Company welfare policy: Social security, Accumulation fund, Paid annual leave, Welfare annual leave, Allowance of marriage, maternity and funeral, bonus, gathering allowance, employees birthday party;(besides of those, our company is founding other employee welfare policy now)

Hope you join our team soon!

The subject of the email is "name_position_working years"


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